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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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america" and beyonce. america" a once. good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in larkspur. golden gate ferry service has been cancelled for today. if you are working today you need to find another way to work. >> and we will be taking a close eye on the roadways to see how the cancelled ferry service is going to affect your morning commute. >> also this morning. san francisco city attorney says a local ballot measure that would sir sum signifies of boys is unconstitutional. >> and 49ers reach on milestone in their drive. the team has sold 165 luxury seats at the unbuilt facility. >> live look from roof cam, notice the lack of clouds, the heat is on. it's only going to get worse
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through the weekend. i'll show you where you can go to get some relief. not worried too much about the heat because it is the weekend. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> thanks for joining us. golden gate ferry riders will have to find another way to get to work. ticket sellers are staying home because of the labor dispute. what does it mean more for the commuters? >> it's going to be a rough day if you take the ferry. the union decided to make the big move and declared would it strike but the bridge district said fine and made a big move and said we're going to cancel service entirely. negotiations have been going on since november 2009. the union is upset because 16 ticket agents are going to be replaced by ticket machines next week the bridge district is trying to close a gap of $89
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million. they decided shutting down service would be the right thing to do, to cut to the chase and let the customers know because they figured other unions wouldn't want to cross the line but the employees were disappointed. >> we would appreciate it if they would focus more on the employees and 34 years of service and treating them in a way they can leave the judge but to disrespect them and cast them off in hopes we won't make a ruckus as we leave july 8th. >> i think our organization has an excellent track record in what we but put on the table. >> reporter: bridge officials are offering to reassign the workers that is being replaced by machines. hopefully the number of people that will be impacted will be
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smaller than usual. if you are working today there is no ferry service. you are going to need to find another way to get to work. we've put a lot of information on our website at but right now we can check in with marlena. what do you got. >> good morning. it's early enough so far that we're seeing a big impact of cars that will be the richmond-san rafael bridge and golden gate bridge. here is a live look at the richmond bridge, cars are moving at the limit and no delays here. check out the golden gate bridge where we do have traffic moving nicely, quiet making your way in from sausalito. there will be many buses in place and other alternative ways of getting across in to your destination that f you normally take the golden gate ferry. all that information is available on our website at speaking of commuting the new fiscal year begins today and
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so do higher commuting costs for many in the bay area. in san francisco it will cost you $2 to buy an adult fast pass and one dollar more for seniors and disabled riders. cost of cable car went up to $6 per trip. caltrain will have to pay 25 cents more for one way fare. monthly parking $10 more and tolls will go up on all bay area bridges for truckers and people pulling trailers. a divided oakland city council finally passed a budget hours before the deadline. it includes hiring 22 police officers who were laid off a year ago. it would keep libraries and fire stations open while imposing 15 furlough days. mayor jean kwan also voted.
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>> it was really close but the difference between the two is less an couple hundred thousand dollars. >> oakland is facing a $58 million deficit. the city has approved a $28 million sale of the henry j.kaiser convention center and they agreed to give back $33 million in concessions. >> now that the new state budget is in place the california university system is replacing lost funding by increasing tuition. they asked to approve a 12% tuition increase. if approved. under grads would pay just over $5,000 next fall, that is $950 more than they paid last year. the passage of the state budget means that california sales tax is 1% lower. a temporary increase expired at midnight. the state expects to lose about
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$4.5 billion because of the charge. many people delayed major purchases. san jose's new living wage kicks in today for companies that contract with the city. if they provide health insurance new minimum wage becomes 13.59 per hour, that is an increase of 65 cents per hour. if they don't provide health benefits the new minimum wage, 14.84. it's the highest living city wage in company. back then, a booming tech industry was driving up costs. fewer police officers are patrolling the streets of san jose this morning. 67 laidoff police officers
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turned in their badges yesterday. they approved the layoffs to close the $115 million deficit. it's the first time san jose had ever resorted to police layoffs. the cuts leave 1100 officers to cover a city of more than a million people. police chief says he will restructure the department or put more officers on patrol. >> city attorney's office is weighing in for the first time on a local ballot measure that will ban the circumcision of male children. the city attorney says the proposed measure would be unconstitutional if it applies to jewish morals trained in circumcision or bu not other doctors. a coalition of jews and muslims filed the lawsuit asking a cad court to remove the initiative from the ballot. they argue that state law prohibits them from restricting medical procedures. they say the ban is painful and
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crew. mercury news says team in santa clara has sold $138 million of luxury boxes. that doubles the funding for the stadium and puts the team quarter of the way toward the $987 million to build the stadium right next to great america. one of the big advantages would be 165 luxury seats for sale as opposed to up into candlestick park. if you are looking for luxury suites, they are already sold out. >> a lot of individuals bought them. >> a lot of tech companies are down there. >> and i know you have a lot of money and the sunshine is free to enjoy this weekend.
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>> and it is going to be running from today all the way through next week. the longest period of warm weather we've had and a couple of years is on the way. here is a look what is going on. northerly wind, offshore wind that has taken the marine layer clouds, temperatures are 1-6 degrees warmer than when you woke up yesterday. that puts us to mid to upper 60s. mountain view, san jose, 66 in antioch. by the afternoon hours, east bay valleys low to mid 90s for you. 81 in san rafael, to 89 in santa rosa. low to mid-70s for san francisco and richmond and oakland. then upper 70s to low 80s around san mateo, palo alto and fremont. look at the coast, only 66 degrees at half moon bay. total sunshine around the monterey bay also this afternoon. temperatures running around 70 in monterey to mid-70s for watsonville and salinas and 91
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degrees in gilroy and 89 in morgan hill. seven-day forecast, look at the heat tomorrow and sunday we start with 100 inland and flirt with 100 inland monday and tuesday but comfortable mid-50s to 60s around the coast. sounds like we have an accident already this morning. we do have a new crash along the peninsula, southbound 101, right past sierra park point way but speeds are moving at the limit through the area. live look on 680, heading through walnut creek area, no delays, us a do make your way southbound, you will find road work in both directions at 680 through danville area for the repaving project, it should be cleared about 6:00, no problems heading into san francisco but there is work on the lower deck right at fourth street. it's now 4:40.
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>> still ahead the new warning the justice department is giving to medical marijuana dispensaries and growers all across the country. >> and breaking overnight, a new twist in the rape scandal against the former head of the imf. why the case against dominique strauss-kahn could be falling apart as he heads to court today.3q um, miss? up here! those are hard water stains. truth is, 85% of us have hard water. unlike the leading all-purpose cleaner, lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime calcium and rust, lime-a-way is a must. mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the ke. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like...
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and now french's comes with 40% more happy in every bottle. french's. happy starts here. 4:43, on a friday, going to be a hot friday. taking a look at emeryville, gorgeous mornings and gorgeous day and fantastic weekend if you like it hot. >> more news now. u.s. justice department is tough up it's position on medical marijuana. for the past two years, they have given breathing room with
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medical marijuana laws but they warned oakland that large scale farms would be met with vigorous enforcement. arizona is going to court to seek clarification. is there is an effort underway to decriminalize federal marijuana laws in congress. >> dominique strauss-kahn could case could disintegrate. they don't believe the hotel maid. here are the details. the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn could be collapsing. abc has learned that there is significant issues with the accuser's credibility. prosecutors are expected to tell the court they do not believe what the accuser has told them which could lead to charges being dropped. from the gichk, dominique
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strauss-kahn did maintain that he did not assault a maid. in a remarkable change of fortune, they have informed the lawyers, they have discovered the accuser had a questionable relationship with at least one alleged drug dealer and accuser also discussed the financial benefit of pursuing charges against him. according to law enforcement officials familiar with the case. once considered a candidate for french president he was forces to step down as head of the imf. today a judge is expected to ease the conditions. coming up, a big problem. >> i didn't want to live like that. >> the south bay renter with an infected problem and no one willing to help. >> and firefighters are more confident they can keep a major wildfire from reaching the
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eliminates bacterial odors at the source. and unlike febreze, lysol is approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces. two reasons why with lysol, a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. good morning, it's 4:48. phoenix, 113, heat building in the southwest and upper 90s in minneapolis to dallas and mid 90s around new orleans. good news if you are traveling except through chicago, that is where we have flight arrival delays. check out flight tracker at i'm sorry to tell you bedbug infestations or the rise in the bay area. in santa clara county, the number of cases have doubled
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every year since 2006. lisa amin gulezian shows us how the problem is more complex if you are a renter. >> camile moved into this santa clara apartment in february. three months later she realized she had bedbugs. >> he showed us they were all in the corner. >> bedbugs can hide anywhere, in sofas, walls even in telephones but she never saw them because she is legally blind. >> i'm not responsible. i didn't bring them. >> she tried moving out the owner said they won't let her break her lease. the owner had no comment and then hung up on me. we did learn the owner has steam cleaned the car pits and bombed the place but the bugs keep
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coming place. the agency was notified earlier this month. >> we're up to 150, 200 calls a year and it's been doubling every year. >> someone needs to clean out her home, hire an exterminator or the bugs could spread to make apartments. >> the more we point fingers, these guys are breeding away. >> one exterminator says it cost about $500 to get rid of bedbugs properly. lockheed martin it will more than double the job cuts it announced last month. the company says 1500 more jobs will be lost due to the changing business environment. two weeks ago they laid off 1200 workers including an unspecified number of people in sunnyvale. getting in some good news, firefighters in new mexico are
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expressing confidence they stopped the advance of a wildfire threatening los alamos nuclear lab. the fire is only 3% contained. fire breaks appear to be successful. some 12,000 residents who evacuated the town won't be allowed back until sunday at the earliest. yesterday i was over at dublin and they are getting word out fireworks safety on july the 4th. you don't want to start the grass fires and they were saying it is a lot of fuel available this year. it is a danger. even though we had rain last week. >> you can see the hills of turning green but that will turn again. we won't have much of a wind situation except along the coast and that will aid in keeping you cooler. free air-conditioning and cool
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waters to settle in if it gets too hot. looking down from sutro tower, is clear, you can already see the warm colors of the early morning sun working its way across the bay area. let's talk about how calm it is right now. the only wind is the southwest wind at fairfield at 7:00 and barely burning at livermore and breath out of the west at sfo at 3 miles an hour. everybody else calm this morning with temperatures running to mid to upper 50s. 56 in antioch. around the monterey bay and inland, temperatures in the low to mid-50s. it's going sunny and warmer thanks to high pressure but relatively breezy along the coast but the rest of us is calm. so if you are looking for a breeze to keep you cool, it's mainly going to be at the coast. hottest afternoons are still ahead in the forecast, it's going to be comfy at the coast and all of us fairly comfortable with lows in the 50s and 60s.
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east bay valleys, dublin and pleasanton in the upper 80s, everybody else in the low to mid 90s. east bay shore, mid to upper 70s as you head towards fremont and herb close, will have about 80 degrees. mid to upper 80s with san jose right around 85 degrees. mid to upper 70s, millbrae and san mateo and then low 80s for the rest of the peninsula. we'll have mid and few upper 60s around the coast, to low 70s, downtown san francisco. mid-80s through petaluma and snom and napa heading farther to the north, upper 80s to low 90s around ukiah. 78 in santa cruz and 91 the warm spot in gilroy. mid 90s in chico and sacramento. 81 in tahoe.
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91 in yosemite, palm springs, 114. heading down to l.a. and san diego, 86 and 78 what we're watching two areas of high pressure, one moving in from the west and another coming in from the southwest and that is really what is pushing up that hot air into the inland neighborhoods and string of hot days where we're threatening hundred degrees. we'll be in the mid to upper 90s. the low mid 80s around bay. >> good morning. all of our earlier accidents have been cleared. if you are getting ready to hit the road, road work is the only thing you need to be on the lookout. in millbrae, a couple lanes are blocked in skyline boulevard, up to about 7:00 this morning, cal trains working in hayward,
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northbound 880 the ramp to 92 is closed until 5:30. no golden gate ferry service today. amy hollyfield is bringing us the latest updates but golden gate transit will be offering supplemental service and get the complete schedule on our website at 4:55. >> former congressman leon panetta will be sworn in as secretary of defense today. he will have a new set of challenges including the wars in iraq and afghanistan and battles inside the defense bureaucracy. he is older than any of his predecessors at the beginning of their ten ui. >> william and catherine will be greeted in canada. they arrived in canada yesterday for 9-day visit and were met by
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crowds of adoring fans. it will also handing flags to newly canadians at a citizenship ceremony. >> i think i would like to see them. i really do. i think he connects well with the people. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge have star power to burn. brits and canadians would like to see william ascend to the throne instead of prince charles. who is officially head of the state? >> queen elizabeth tsh. >> very impressive. >> and they are also heading to california next friday. >> the most watched video on youtube ever and the winner
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is --. ♪ ♪ >> why did you scream. did you like them or you heard it too much? that is justin beiber singing baby. they say the most viewed ever. 575 million hits. they say it's the most disliked video on youtube ever, 1.5 million people say they hate it. >> but they can't get away. >> next at 5:00, why the dmv is warning vehicle owners to wait before they renew their registration. >> and big change that people will see when they call for ambulance. >> golden gate ferry service is shut down today. i'm amy hollyfield and i'll bring you the story up next. >> and it could revolutionize
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medicine. local researchers e. coliiiiiiit
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